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Quality management

BayWa’s top priority is to ensure the highest quality of our raw hop materials. Therefore our BayWa hop department is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Assurance

In the BayWa hop department, we accompany our contract growers throughout the production process: from the construction of hop rack systems and advice on professional fertilisation and integrated plant protection, to 24 hour service during the harvesting time. The expert knowledge and personal engagement of our employees ensure the consistent high quality of our hops.

Product warehouse

Immediately after harvest, BayWa hop cones are checked for high quality and food law requirements and immediately stored in our own cold storage facilities at ideal cooling temperatures until processing. All BayWa hop products are stored without delay in temperature and humidity-monitored large refrigerated warehouses at a temperature of 5°C and a humidity of 60% until they are transported to our customers. Regular checks and maintenance of our cold stores guarantee the continuous quality of our hop products.

Ensure quality

In the BayWa hops department, we support our contract growers throughout the entire production process: from the construction of hop racks and advice on professional fertilization and integrated crop protection to 24-hour service during the harvest season. The expertise and personal commitment of our employees ensure the consistently high quality of our hops.

Constantly improving the quality of our products is an important core objective of BayWa AG Hops. The motivation that drives us is the satisfaction of our customers. Reliable processes and manufacturing methods, high service quality and compliance with legal requirements form the basis for this endeavor. We have continuous process monitoring, a certified, internationally recognized quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food safety system. Food safety hazards are identified and assessed, relevant risks are specifically monitored and appropriate measures are taken to minimize the risk.


In our BayWa hop laboratory, we carry out all quality analyzes for hops using the latest analysis technology, internationally recognized analysis methods and professional laboratory staff. A specially developed process monitoring ensures that a constant product quality is guaranteed throughout the entire manufacturing process. By participating in various independent interlaboratory comparisons, our analyzes are monitored and confirmed at regular intervals. This means that we can guarantee the consistently high quality of our products at all times.

Analysis methods:

  • EBC 7.2 water content
  • EBC 7.4 α-acids in raw hops
  • EBC 7.5 α-acids in hop pellets
  • EBC 7.7 HPLC analysis (α and β acids)
  • EBC 7.10 total oil content ASBC (spectrophotometric α- and β-acid determination)
  • HSI (Hop Storage Index)
  • Quality Management Hops
  • Quality Management Hops
  • Quality Management Hops
  • Quality Management Hops

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